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Bonnie Rice


From 1985, when we were married til 2003 when my husband was diagnosed, I honestly believed that if only I could get my act together, if I could get my home in order and make my sons to behave, if I could be the perfect wife and mother--that I would be living a cozy middle-class lifestyle.

I knew that something was wrong, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. My husband's bipolar diagnosis seemed like a revelation from GOD. Now I could free my conscience-it wasn't my fault. This was a disorder that could be treated. Take a bit of lithium and call me in the morning. But it really wasn't that easy...

I started reading everything I could get my hands on--books, articles, websites, support groups and online forums. There was a lot of information and advice, but nothing seemed to really be working. There were no real answers--just more questions.

Eventually I learned that this was a very individual disorder and that what worked for one family might be a disaster for another. There were a few a few basic principles, but no cookie-cutter solutions.

Within this site, I will share those basic principles and how they have worked in practical terms for my family or for other families I have been in contact with. You will need to adapt those ideas to your own situation, but the tools will be laid out for you. Use what works, skip what doesn't.

I currently have a book available, LOVE HAS ITS UPS AND DOWNS with all of the basic information about living with a partner who has bipolar disorder. It's not long, so you can get through it quickly. If you want more information on a specific topic or situation, come back here or email and we'll find it for you.

Current information and new articles on the bipolar spouse project can be found on my blog at I also have a writing blog at

If you find that a principle isn't working for you or that some of the ideas don't seem to apply, don't hesitate to use the forums to ask a question or request new ideas and support. I will be answering the forums myself and other members of the forums may be able to help too.